1. What is the price to rent an e-bike?

    Half day: 65 CHF

    Rent your e-bike for up to 4 hours in the following hours:

    8h - 18h.

    Day: 85 CHF

    Rent your e-bike all day in between 8h and 18h

    If you want to rent the bike for more days, each extra day costs 65 CHF

  2. How to pay?

    By coming for your e-bike you can pay in cash, TWINT or card directly at our location: Chemin du Rhône 135, 1926 Fully, in the parking lot of Fol'Terres.

  3. How do I book?
    1. Choose the date, the number of bikes that you need and the size of the riders.
    2. Come at our place (Chemin du Rhône 135, 1926 Fully, in the parking lot of Fol'Terres) on the day of your booking to make all bike adjustments and receive your e-bike.
    3. Make the payment in cash, TWINT or card personally.
    4. Return your e-bike to the date and time indicated in your booking.

      Half Day: 4h maximum

      Day: Return your e-bike between 14h and 18h.

  4. Opening hours?

    Thursday – Sunday 8h – 18h

    Outside these hours on request at +41 78 971 20 29, +41 78 247 95 60 or info@ebikesfully.ch

  5. Do I need to have a specific level?

    No, there are routes for all levels and preferences; from asphalt and non-technical roads to 4x4 and singles trails.

  6. How do I find a suitable route for me?

    You can ask us for advice on a suitable route for you. If necessary, take a GPS that you can attach to the frame of your e-bike with all the routes of the region.

People cycling through the forest